Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I don't make New Years resolutions, as a rule... Or, more as a non-rule. I know myself better than to do that. Pft.

BUT. I can blog, can I not? I've been knitting some impressive stuff! kinda.
rephrase: I've been knitting!

I'm working on, currently: a secret project for KB, for christmas. that I haven't finished.

I recently finished: socks for me that I started last spring; the circular shawl; the sister shawls FINALLY got themselves blocked and made their way home; and fingerless mitts for my giant baby brothers giant hands [knit in a record week and a half]

I'm about to start: some socks for mom; a scarf for a friend; and something, anything, beautiful and useful for my cousin [turns out that 17 year-olds are capable of appreciating hand knits. i always assumed otherwise, so never bothered. Failures of assumption]; perhaps some gloves for my boyfriend, since he makes films for a living, often outside, and whatever the weather.

Anywho. So that's that. I do love beginning again.

Monday, October 3, 2011


It is October. You know that, but whatever.

I have been baking these days, but there are no photos.

My best friend is sick with the flu, so I am forgoing my Monday evening yoga session in favor of dropping off fresh baked brownies.

Speaking of Joy, I made Brown sugar cookies last week. UM. yeah. You should do that... just. Do it.

There HAS been knitting, but it's been raining and junk around here. Thus, no sun light. Thus, crappy photos. Thus, no knitting post yet.

In random news, a very important person is gone.

Also, important, you should put cinnamon in your coffee grounds before you brew coffee. Pretty important.

TastyKake say hi.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~no words~

It's been a while, eh? This post is probably going to be super long, with lots of words, and even more photos. (possibly less photos than words)

I. farewell party
these are my friends:The girls you know. They are lovely. and I love them and I miss them desperately. I feel like I haven't seen them in ages, but its only been a week. Heh.

This is Joshie. He's not stupid, but we were playing a game and he wasn't supposed to use his hands. So. Naturally I had to feed him beer.

Man Dorgan. He dorgans around [which means to take an unbelievable amount of time to get places for no apparent reason; it usually involves taking showers that he didn't tell you about or suddenly getting diarrhea.

Finally, Joel [aka ex boyfriend]. We're still friends, obviously, if only so I could have hilarious pictures like this one to show off. Yes readers [who don't exist] this is the fool that let go of this fine piece of ass:
That's me... if you didn't know.

And finally, TastyKake, whom I miss soooooo much. I keep looking around for her... but. alas. she's not here.

II. The driiiiiiive

This is what i drove the first day. 14 hours. HOURS. by myself. MYSELF. the person I drove/am living with doesn't drive, so i got to (and still get to) drive everywhere. We drove for 10 hours the second day. I couldn't upload a photo, for some reason. But i have one.
I drove barefoot a lot of the time. It was fun > wearing shoes. [i think that was a failed mathematical equation]. We drove through north and south carolina, georgia, alabama, mississippi, louisianna, and texas. We slept in Meridian, Mississippi, which turned out to be kinda sketchy. But whatever.

III. what I'm doing now.
I'm trying really hard to write a paper. I got my grades, and they were good. Lowest one was a B-. the only As I got were two A-s, but. I'll take it. For goodness sake I thought maybe I would fail. Also I don't have to worry about finding extra money; my scholarship should remain intact.

Meanwhile, my housemate is difficult. she makes me crazy... almost everything she does annoys me, not to mention I can't get away from her because she NEEDS ME for almost everything. I'm seriously a jerk, that this makes me crazy. Whatever. I'm working on the toe of my sock. It's almost done. I need to order the yarn to finish my shawl. I'm gettin to it! anyways. That's all.

This is all nothing interesting ;)
- TK et. al.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011, in my blog...

In which things have changed ever so slightly from last time:::(I just really like this photo)

Time has been getting away from me. I'm not sure where it goes.
I kinda know, actually. I spend a lot of time on my green chair watching 'You've got mail' over and over again.

This is not exactly what summer was supposed to be. I'm freaking out about my paper as well. Hopefully I will devote tomorrow and Friday to that, though I also have to pack and clean my car and get my suits dry cleaned and get my oil changed. All will be well!

In the spirit of disappointment in myself, I signed up for a half marathon at the end of August. August 27, to be exact, in Ashland VA. I'm pretty psyched about this, but I haven't gone for a run in about a month and a half. Someone tell me how the hell THAT happened.

According to this, however, a 'beginner' runner is someone who can run five miles at a time. PAH. So i have to train... to start training... huh. Basically, I'm screwed, but I'm banking on my 20 year old body's tendency to respond really well to exercise. I should be ready in time. I'll run a 5 or 10k with my momma over the summer, and all will be good times.

In knitting news: I've mostly been knitting socks. Socks for my self. These socks, to be exact. There are even pictures:
They are quite nice. Pretty intricate, taking a while. But. I'm liking the way it is going.Also, I finished my sweater! WHOO! I haven't blocked it or finished it, etc. Looks like it will stretch out a little bit after I block it. I only know this because I blocked my swatch, like a good girl.

Finally, this is pretty much my "stash". It's not much to speak of really. I'm kinda glad, I guess, that I don't have tons and tons of yarn. But also, I could have lots of fun with tons of yarn. That's my story. My stories are boring. Haha. Today is friday. I am leaving on Monday morning, for the most ridiculous cross country trip ever. I, for one, trust in my ability to drive 12 hours straight for 2 days straight with one of the most upsetting people in my life, and then go on to spend the entire summer with that person in the same house, office, car, and life. This is upsetting.

That is all
- TK et. al.

Monday, May 16, 2011

um wow

TK says, "sup". She's so bad-ass. I also could not get her out of my grill whilst I was attempting to take these photos. You may have noticed they have an awful quality: it's because there is absolutely NO natural lighting in my apartment. So i have to aim my reading lamp [the same one that fried and permanently scarred my flesh] at whatever I want and hope for the best.

I logged on last week to write this post, but blogger was unavailable, and then i was in Maryland for the weekend. Meanwhile, last week I was on Webs, and i got a little carried away... but maybe not.

I was hanging out in the close out section and i got two balls of Debbie Bliss como and some fiber so I can finally try my hand at spinning:
Pretty pleased with it. I was also legitimately shocked when I checked my mail this morning, and obviously unexpected fibrous goods in the mail is always going to make one's day better. also, owls is about, oh... five rows from being complet. dang. I knit a sweater. Dang.

- TK et. al.

ps. I leave for Texas in a week. Insane in the membrane. I can't believe this time has come. Hopefully I can do lots of cool stuff, and maybe heal a little. That's the plan. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I did it... or, more specifically, TastyKake and I did it.
I now tweet... follow me @SarahandTK

tada. Knitting has been happening; but its been upsetting due to running out of yarn for owls. I haven't gotten around to ordering more yarn for the various things that i ran out of... I'm getting to it!

More soon

- TK et. al.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

full on summer

So... I knit a sweater:
It's actually not done. This was after I tried it on, and found it slightly too small. Also, there's a bout a handful of yarn left :/
This sweater is now starting to break my lil heart.

I've decided, however, to let it sit. Possibly over the summer, and attempt to finish it when fall starts/when I get home. I need to see if i can find a ball band for the lot number though... but darn it i've been cleaning so I'm pretty sure I've thrown it away. Poop on a stick. But. Tastykake and I are dealing with it.
We're dealing with it.
Tiny garden: I love my tiny garden. Those are poppies. One of the more gorgeous flowers I've ever seen... I won't be around to see their lovely blooms. Hopefully I'll get someone to photograph them for me.

Meanwhile, it is full on summer. I've been doing very little these days. mostly cleaning. I spent most of the weekend sleeping until noon and then spending time with people. Monday [yesterday] I slept in and then did some lawyering for my brother, which consisted of reading deeds and mortgages and other horrid things that I hate.
I had hoped to get working on the write on this week. I don't know how well that is going to work since its almost the end of tuesday and i haven't finished cleaning/getting ready for Mommy.
Hopefully tomorrow I can read the materials at the very least. [I'll photograph it as well]

So that's all. A couple weeks of relative peace before the summer of Texas heat and lawyer's work begins.

-TK et. al.